Welcome to Huangyan JiuFeng Scenic Spot!
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Convenient Transport

Jiufeng scenic spot is located in the east of Huangyan, Taizhou City, 1.5 kilometers away from the urban area, close to the 104 National Road, in the urban area of Changtang (East China Auto & Motorcycle City) and in the bridge town are equipped with highway entrance and exit, to facilitate the access of tourists from north to south. It is approximately 21 kilometers away from Luqiao Airport, and can fly directly to Beijing, Guangzhou and other places; 6 kilometers away from Taizhou Station, the high-speed rail can reach Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities; it is about 1 kilometer away from Jiaojiang Terminal and can reach various coastal cities. City traffic can take the 901 loop, 215 road in the old station, go east 600 meters, or take the 212 road in the tramway junction, 300 meters east to reach the area.